Gallery: Healthy herbs at PNW

The PNW Wellness Community Garden is located on both the Hammond and Westville campus. On the Hammond campus, the garden is on the southeast side of the Fitness and Recreation Center, and the Westville garden is located on the east side of Schwarz Hall in the northeast entrance doors of the Westville campus.

Originally the herb garden was meant to be a vegetable garden, but it was changed to herbs because vegetables needed more management than could be provided. Both campuses have similar herbs.

“Herbs are a better idea and could give people a different take on recipes,” Kendra Gardin, health and wellness manager of the gardens, said.

Anyone can come and pick the herbs. The garden is all natural with no added fertilizers to the soil, and it is watered daily.

“I love the herb garden here at Westville and have taken fresh herbs home many evenings to use for my dinner recipes,” Annie MacDonald, university art collections program specialist, said.