Greek organization hosts collection drive for homeless


Brooke Sotelo

Kathryn Baum, junior communications major, places an item in the donation bin.

Tau Phi Sigma is holding a collection drive called “Gryphon’s Wing” to help the homeless until Feb. 28.

Jordan Posthauer, president of Tau Phi Sigma, said the organization is looking to collect clothing and nonperishable items to package and disperse among the homeless of Chicago.

The collection drive was started four years ago by Daniel Rodriguez, who was president at the time. Posthauer said Rodriguez wanted to find a way to help the homeless during the winter months.

“In the past we have taken the donated items, put them into care packages and personally distributed them to the less fortunate on the streets of downtown Chicago. It has been a huge success in the past and I hope that you can help us achieve that again this year,” Posthauer said.

Last year, the organization helped 30 people and they hope to double that number this year. Tau Phi Sigma also asked the homeless what they needed the most.

“They asked for socks and gloves because their extremities always get cold but they receive those the least, so that’s what we’re really trying to focus on collecting. We think it really helps them, especially when it gets super cold downtown.”

Posthauer said that any packages that are not delivered to Chicago homeless will be taken to a shelter to donate.

“We want to make sure nothing is going unused,” Posthauer said.