My Story: Overcoming procrastination and external social obstacles


The biggest challenge I faced after the face-to-face instruction ended was the changing work environment and procrastination. 

When we had to stop going to classes I began finding myself sleeping in extremely late. My whole schedule got messed up and it began to affect my school work. 

I felt more productive when we all were able to go to campus and get out of the house. Most of the classes I took this semester forced me to go out and talk to people outside of PNW. 

So, when everything started to close, finding people for interviews and trying to write press releases became much harder. To find someone to interview, I really had to email and call a couple so I set up a time and really had to work around their schedules. 

Unfortunately during all of this I could not get any press releases out due to the fact that most newspapers were only picking up stories that dealt with COVID-19 and the company I wrote about is not essential, so it had nothing going on during the shut-down. 

I got through this semester by trying to communicate with professors and classmates as much as I could. 

I also settled on a strategy to work from home. I made sure I got out of my bedroom and set up a work area. When I worked in my room I could never focus, so setting up a work area really helped. 

Like many of my classmates, I made it through this semester with just a couple cuts and bruises. But I am ready for next semester.