Intramurals preview: Spring 2018

Intramurals preview: Spring 2018

As the spring semester progresses, there will be a variety of intramural sports events held for those interested in participating.

Matt Dudzik, assistant athletics director for Facilities and Recreational Sports (Hammond campus), said intramurals has the most participants in the spring semester.

“Spring is when our biggest leagues take place: basketball, soccer, bowling and volleyball,” Dudzik said. “Basketball and bowling are already popular sports in the U.S. so there is a lot of interest. With a big international population, soccer does very well, and the most attended intramural for females is volleyball.”

Dudzik said he sees students from the Westville campus participating in intramurals at the Hammond campus, which is the primary location for league play.

“We have had students come from Westville to participate in some of our open play events, dodgeball, bubble soccer and combat archery,” Dudzik said.

Another reason for high crowds during the spring season, Dudzik said, is heightened awareness due to heavier promotion of intramurals. Dudzik and the staff use a recruitment table in CLO, pass out flyers and entry forms for intramurals and send email reminders to students during the spring semester.

Josh Moore, PNW alumnus and staff member for the fitness, recreation and intramurals department, said he is pleased to be a part of the intramural experience.

“Even though I graduated, I still enjoy being in this environment. It’s also a nice way to get healthy, have something to do on your free time, and mostly having fun,” Moore said.

Dudzik and the staff strive to ensure that these events provide an opportunity for students to meet other students outside the classroom.

“Intramurals is a great way to meet other students who share the same interests. Many students have formed new and long-lasting friendships through those they met in intramurals. It is also a great way to relieve stress,” Dudzik said.