My Story: Economic changes take away internship opportunities

As a junior with a new major, I have spent months planning for an internship. I have scrolled through job postings and revised my resume time after time.

I applied to 15 internships. Since COVID-19 occurred and everything shut down I have four remaining options. Most companies either stopped hiring or eliminated their internships altogether.

I put a lot of work into trying to get an internship for this summer and it feels like it may have been a waste of time. I’m new to my public relations major, so an internship was going to help me figure out what it’s about and gain some knowledge and experience before I graduate next year.

It has been stressful and I feel it impacted my school work this semester, as well. I feel like I wasted a semester and a lot of energy. My motivation has been low and I’m struggling to finish the school year.

I’m also losing confidence in myself and very nervous about my future. Many PR jobs want their new hires to have experience, which I don’t have and won’t get without an internship.

I’m hoping things begin to look up and companies start hiring interns again.