Best part of Halloween- Carter Leak


What Carter Leak likes most about Halloween has nothing to do with what often comes to mind about the day.  

“The weather is changing and starting to get cool,” said the Business Management junior. “Leaves are falling, everyone is starting to burn piles of them. I love the smell. 

“I love the pumpkin patches and the orchard up in Hobart,” he said. “I just went this past weekend with my family to the orchard and had a great time. Painting and carving pumpkins is something fun I do with them.”

This is not to say that Leak does not get into the spirit of Halloween festivities when he isn’t with his family. He goes with his team to trunk-or-treats to pass out candy from cars they park in parking lots. 

“I like seeing the little kids get excited about what they get to dress up as,” he said. “It gives them a chance to be someone else for a night and get lots of candy while doing it.” 

A member of the men’s Cross-Country team, Leak also likes dressing up for workouts the week of Halloween. His ideal costume: A pair of jeans, boots, a flannel and a mask. His favorite treat: the 100 Grand candy bar, which he insists is deeply underrated by Halloween candy aficionados. 

However, what he may loves most about the day is going to his grandmother’s house and helping with trick-or-treaters. 

“I go to my grandma’s and pass out Halloween candy with her,” said Leak. “They always go all out with a baggie of full-size candy bars and juice boxes.” 

Family time means a lot to Leak, who, is originally from North Vernon, Indiana, about four hours south of Hammond

“I haven’t been home for Halloween since I’ve moved to school, which makes me sad,” he said. “Halloween was such a special time for me because I got to spend time with my family. Everyone would come together and just have fun. We would make desserts and appetizers to eat while the kids looked at all their candy. I’m looking forward to doing that again once I graduate.”