Everyone is welcome at the Fine Arts Club, even if they’re bad at art

You don’t need to be a fine artist to join PNW’s Fine Arts Club.

“When I helped create this club, I wanted it to be … a bit of a safe space for students of any grade to come and relax and enjoy and/or express their love for music and art in the form of talking about it with peers who share the same interest,” she said. “Or maybe coming out of their shells by performing with us, as well as painting or any kind of drawing …with us too.” 

The club provides a safe environment for students and encourages them to express themselves in music and art. The group also plans to give students opportunities to learn to play musical instruments and play them at campus events. 

Collins says she feels a responsibility to make sure members feel at home in the organization.

“It is my duty that the students who join this club feel welcome and that they have a good time while here for something,” she said.  

It seems to be working. Last month the club sponsored a puppet-making event that drew a big turnout.

“Being a member of the club is a good choice that I feel I have made,” said sophomore Marketing major Savana Benitez. “It helped me make new friends and it gave me a place to express the love that I have for the music I enjoy and art styles that I love.” 

Collins is glad people are having fun. 

“It makes me feel that we are making a difference in people’s lives and that they feel expected in something and deep down,” she said. “That’s what our club is about.” 

The club next meets on Oct. 28 to host “Dia De Los Muertos Craft Making.” Participants will make flower crowns, paper flowers, coloring skulls and do other fun activities to celebrate the Day of the Dead.