Next-generation game console releases excite student players

The release of dueling next-generation gaming platforms from Sony and Microsoft leaves many PNW students divided. Some cannot wait to get their hands on the new game boxes. Others want to see how the new platforms work out.

On November 10, Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and S. Two days later, Sony released the PlayStation 5.  Both consoles were highly anticipated.  

Sophomore Kevin McCann got the PS5 on the day of release.  

“It’s very exciting when a new console comes out,” he said.  “The graphics and display are boosted to a higher quality. With a developer such as Sony, I know it’s worth the money.” 

And the money is significant. 

The standard PS5 costs $499 and the digital edition with no disc drive is $399.  Microsoft’s Xbox Series X comes to $499 and its Series S is $299.  The Series X is a larger console that can process games faster. It also has more storage capacity.

The two systems have comparable processing power and both consoles are backwards compatible, which means gamers can play games from earlier models on the latest machines.

Students like junior Cameron Banks, who has an Xbox One, are eager to get the consoles. 

“Once I get paid, the first thing I’m doing is heading to buy the Series X,” he said. “Then I would probably get the PS5 around Christmas.”  

He does not expect the game systems to change his life – just keep him amused.

 “They’re just to keep me busy when I’m not at work, school, or the gym,” he said. 

Sophomore Andrea De Castro loves video games and owns both a Playstation 4 and an Xbox One. She prefers the PS4. 

“I like the grip of the controller and the graphics seem to be a lot smoother compared to my Xbox One,” she said.

But De Castro doesn’t see the need to upgrade her systems immediately. 

“I don’t think I’ll be getting either soon, maybe in about a year or so,” she said. “Just want to see how they perform these first couple of months and feedback they receive.”