PNW Pioneer

Column: Buses cause fusses more often than not

Cain Buchmeier, Special Projects Editor

October 2, 2017

Since the unification of the former PUC and PNC to form PNW, there has been an increased need for students, faculty and staff to shuffle back and forth from the Hammond and Westville campuses. Some students based primarily on one...

Column: Why you should care about SGA elections

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

April 2, 2017

After seeing past Student Government Association elections, I was disappointed this year to see that many of the students voting and candidates running simply did not care. To clarify, I have seen effort through the campaigns...

Column: A Westville student’s point of view

Shelby Clindaniel, Editor-in-Chief (web)

March 21, 2017

The word “unification” will never be forgotten by Purdue North Central and Calumet students. I submitted a photograph to the CHESS art gallery a couple weeks ago, and they accepted it. They emailed me back asking if I could...

Column: Equality for unequal campuses

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

March 7, 2017

With unification, there has been an underlying mindset that all things should be equal between the two campuses. However, since there are approximately three times as many on-campus students at the Hammond campus than there are...

Column: An unwelcome Welcome Center

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

February 21, 2017

When the Welcome Center opened at the start of the Fall 2016 Semester, my first thought was, “Why do we need this?” Given that the university is now facing a $8 million deficit and it spent $178,000 on the Welcome Center,...

Column: Stop online group projects, stop the madness

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

December 13, 2016

Two summers ago, I foolishly decided to do business writing online, a mistake I have regret ever since. In the syllabus the professor told the class that one of the bigger projects in the course was a group project to which she...

Pulitzer Prize winner speaks at Sinai Forum

Jason Finner, Staff Writer

December 6, 2016

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bret Stephens spoke to a packed house on Nov. 13 at the D-SSAC building on the Westville campus as part of the 63rd season of the Sinai Forum. Stephens won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Commen...

Column: Drivers, bring your A game this year

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

November 29, 2016

Every year when the Midwest climate decides to rain a deluge of sleet and snow upon us, the drivers of Purdue University show that they have the same driving skills as 16-year-olds who just got their licenses. Since this winter...

Column: How did we forget about experiential learning?

Jacob Yothment, Editor-in-Chief (print)

November 14, 2016

The PNW Faculty Senate Committee members have found themselves dumbfounded because creating an EXL program for the combined university has proven to be harder than they anticipated. Pause. Let’s rewind one year to when...